Social Projects

Social Projects

Our interest is to be a sustainable company, our commitment is focused on maintaining initiatives regarding the care of the natural environment where the activity is carried out, especially with the conservation of fauna and flora, water resources, and proper management of the solid waste generated.

We are committed to preserving our cultural and historical identity and making it an enriching factor that adds value to our service.

In our collaborators we strengthen the bonds of trust that unite us as a team, we promote a harmonious work environment applied to the quality of personal and family life, and we maintain a daily proactive action against labor risks to avoid any damage to the health and safety of our human team.

Our economic development is linked to promoting mutual collaboration, and good social and productive relations that allow us to be competent. It is also essential to support our social sector projected to serve as a solution to various problems. Since Action Valley opened the Park, we have carried out many social projects for the benefit of our community, in addition to practicing sustainable adventure activities and making a positive impact on the environment. In recent years we have organized Christmas with the local people and we have also distributed gifts, and toys, among others to the local children of the district of Poroy to bring them our joy.

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