Frequently Asked Questions

If you have doubts about doing our extreme activities Bungee Jump and/or Slingshot. We invite you to carefully review our frequently asked questions and you can clear up the doubts that are spinning in your head.

YES, our participants must be over 16 years of age and have a minimum weight of 45 kilos and the maximum weight is 115 kilos. If you are a minor, you will require the consent of your parents or a responsible guardian.

Upon arrival at our adventure park, the staff will fill out a detailed questionnaire about your medical condition that may affect the normal practice of the activity.

Among these include:

  • Hypertension
  • Retinal detachment
  • Heart problems
  • Pregnancy
  • Injuries
  • Recent operations or surgeries of any kind
  • Medical treatments that suggest not doing extreme activities.
  • Constant headaches
  • Dislocation or Subluxation
  • If you have any other lumbar disease or problem, please consult a professional doctor.

Our opening hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Throughout the year.

Action Valley has been operating for 20 years and since then more than 500,000 people from all over the world have jumped. People from ethnicities, of all ages, made the decision to live this exciting and unique experience with us.

NONE, Action Valley prides itself on maintaining an excellent safety record and complying with all safety requirements and standards set forth in the NABA (North American Bungee Association) endorsed Bungee Jumping Code of Practice and in our own manual where we have all of our processes. standardized.

If you book and pay for any activity (Bungee and/or Slingshot) and decide not to jump. Unfortunately, it is not refundable or transferable. Our experienced instructors will help you overcome fear and overcome your challenges.

The regular price is $70.00 dollars for each activity (Bungee Jumping or Slingshot)
The combo of the 2 activities is $130.00 per person


  • PETZL brand full-body harness model AVAO FAST
  • Elastic cord according to weight sizes (S, M, L, XL)
  • Certified security team
  • Instructor with extensive experience.
  • Round trip transportation to carry out the activity.
  • Activity certificate


  • Photoshoot.
  • 5k video


In Action Valley we offer a variety of styles of jumping according to the experience of our clients, from those who are just beginning to practice these activities to experts who go around the world jumping in every place where they find the adrenaline rush they are looking for.

1.- THE CLASSIC JUMP.- It is the base of any person who wants to undertake a good adventure in the Bungee Jump, the classic jump is based on the individual jump, from a sufficiently high structure to perform the jump.
This jump is the star product of Action Valley, an individual jump from 125 meters high is the most exciting for anyone who wants to experience adrenaline. We always recommend that you do it from the front the first time, trying to throw yourself as far as possible and maintaining the correct posture that our instructors will show you, in fact, it is the most beautiful photo of the entire jump.

2.- THE BACK JUMP.- To perform the back jump, our instructors with their extensive experience recommend having at least 3 previous jumps since for this type of jump the adrenaline and vertigo are much greater than the classic jump, anyone who wants this modality will feel more gravity in their fall.


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