Action Valley 100% Peruvian Company

Action Valley is the leading company and number one in adventure activities in Peru and Latin America, operating with great success since 1996. Our location is privileged, since we are only 11 kilometers from the city of Cusco in the district of Poroy, entering the wonderful Sacred Valley of the Incas.

We are the first and only Adventure Park in Peru that operates Bungee Jumping and Slingshot (catapult) with more than 20 years of experience, successfully serving our anxious and brave clients who come to us to fulfill their long-awaited dream of jumping from our platform which is 410 feet / 125 meters high.




Johan Humberto Action Valley

Action Valley Local Operator based in Cusco

Our founder Gonzalo Meza Cuadra founded Action valley more than 23 years ago, innovating bungee jumping and slingshot and now the owner of this park is Mr. Johan Gutiérrez Sullca, the owner and director of Action Valley, he was born in the city of Cusco. He grew up speaking Quechua, the local language. His parents still live in Cusco, he also studied the career of Official Tourism Guide.




Action Valley Team

Our instructors are the hearth of our company, they are rope access technicians, experts in mountaineering and climbing sports.. even BASE jumpers! We are constantly developing new skills in the park practicing extreme sports, always up to date with the latest safety techniques. We understand your needs and we accompany you with the best energy and sympathy.




Our Company

Action Valley is an Extreme Adventure Park that guarantees the maximum security service, with highly trained personnel and a long history of security in risky sports with certification in FIRST AID, RESCUE AND RESCUE OPERATIONS.
We have an exceptional infrastructure that adapts to modern demands, together with an environmentally friendly approach that guarantees excitement and entertainment within the maximum security measures.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Action Valley by the year 2023 will be valued as the company that offers the most extreme and safest Bungee Jumping adventure activity in all of South America, and of course, we will continue with the Slingshot in its unique system in the world, as well as promote the diversification of more activities of adventure, and why not, look for the denomination of: “Poroy – the capital of adventure tourism”. There will also be a commitment to tourism sustainability, achieving market positioning with constant updating strategies that allow compliance with national and international safety standards.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a company dedicated to leaving adventure memories on our clients, seeking the generation of healthy emotions from the best experience in adventure tourism, a jump into the void, or a slingshot launch where you can reach up to 130 meters in height in just 3 seconds, it needs to be accompanied by the best infrastructure and the ideal personnel with constant training that guarantees safety and total customer satisfaction.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our main objective is to bring happiness and satisfaction to all our clients through our personalized service, providing them security and motivating them to do our activities with as much confidence as possible.

Our Awards

TripAdvisor Awards

Recognized for the good comments received by our clients, satisfied for having successfully carried out their activities, and having received excellent service from the Action Valley team.

TripAdvisor Awards


3 Consecutive years mentioned by quality of service by CALTUR

The CALTUR (Peruvian Touristic Quality Office) has recognized our company for 3 consecutive years since 2015 as the most quality adventure activities and tourism, voted for by travel and tourism professionals and consumers in Perú.

We are a Certified Agency

Cusco Municipal License for Authorize Company

We have the operation license granted by the Provincial Municipality of Cusco to Tourism Agencies.




APBJ Peruvian Bungee Jumping Association

Granted by APBJ as the unique xtreme Park with all professional equipment and security system in Cusco – Perú.




Certificate of National Civil Defense Institute

This certificate is delivered to formal agencies that comply with all security protocols after a thorough inspection.



Ministry of Tourism in Cusco "GERCETUR"

We have all the permits to develop the activity, granted to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism.




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